Thursday, October 28, 2010

Can I be notified when events are reported?

If you, your agency or group is interested in receiving timely updates about reports submitted within the WHER application, you can subscribe to one or more RSS feeds which will help you keep informed to what people are reporting in the system.

The RSS feeds we provide can be added to feed readers which aggregate all your favorite feeds for easy browsing, or you can subscribe to a daily email alert which sends you the latest posts from the previous day. 

Feeds are currently set up at the administrative unit level (state/province) for all of the United States and Canada, but can be set up for any administrative unit (to request a unit - email As additional reports are made in other countries and administrative units, we will expand the feeds to include those areas as well. There is also one all-encompassing feed which covers every report submitted to WHER.

We also include geographic coordinates in the feed items, so users can utilize the RSS feed as a GeoRSS feed as well.  The GeoRSS feed can be plugged into Google Maps or other online mapping applications, or used in your own mashups.

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