Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why do I need to create an account before I submit a report?

Most of the time, submitters should not expect to receive any follow-up information after reporting an event to WHER. There is simply not enough manpower to investigate every single animal death. HOWEVER, the information you submit, when used in aggregation with other user's single observations, begin to create an overall baseline of mortality incidence information.

In the event there are specific questions pertaining to your submitted report from a natural resources agency or an authority in the jurisdiction where your report was submitted, and you have checked the check-box in the 'My Account' section of WHER that says: ' I authorize project or natural resources personnel to contact me regarding my reports,' you may be contacted in order to get additional information if you are willing to provide it.

It is also possible that WHER personnel may contact you if we have questions about your report such as encountering any technical issues with your submissions or problems with your account information. Therefore, it is important that we have users create accounts in WHER and provide email address and phone contact details.

Thank you for participating in WHER!