Sick/Injured Animals

Please report your observations on WHER

Handling Sick, Injured or Dead Wildlife

Please note - we do not advocate the handling of sick, injured, or dead animals without proper training. Individuals who do this, do it at their own risk and should be aware of the dangers. You could be injured and or exposed to a zoonotic disease, a disease of wildlife that can be transmitted to humans.

Additional information on zoonoses can be found here:

Find Contacts for Specific Information on Wildlife in your State/Province

The capture, handling, or possession of native wildlife is controlled in the United States and Canada through federal and state/provincial regulations; a similar situation exists in many other countries. The links below may help you determine what is required in your locality.

Find a Wildlife Rehabilitator in Your Area

Many countries require special permits to capture, handle, or possess native wildlife. Some jurisdictions allow temporary possession and transport of sick or injured animals to a wildlife rehabilitation center.

The links below may help you find additional information and an appropriate facility:
If you are aware of web resources that could assist users outside the US and Canada, please send the information and links to