Feeds/Email Alerts

Do you want to stay on top of WHER reports submitted in your area of interest?   

Click a marker to see the different feed/update options, including 1) a link to the GeoRSS feed, 2) a link to view the GeoRSS feed in Google Maps, and 3) a method to subscribe to an email alert for each state.

If a country or administrative unit currently does not have a marker, check back soon, we are adding feeds for administrative units over time.  If you want us to set one up in your area of interest, even if no data are available yet, let us know.

Want to know about ALL the events reported?  GeoRSS / GeoRSS in Google Maps / Email Alerts /

Feeds and Email Alerts are provided through Feedburner, an online service which we route our RSS feeds through in order to track usage and provide additional functionality, like the Email Alerts service, and other statistics on feed usage. 

Background information - What is a Feed?